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Trial Flight Lessons


Whether you are ready to take your first step as a pilot, or give the experience to someone else as a gift. You can purchase these online below, or by contacting us.

On our 2-seat or 4 seat trial lessons you will take the left (pilot) seat, your instructor will be in the right (co-pilot) seat for a 40 minute flight. Alternavilty you can purchase our aerobatic trial flights for a thrill seeking, extreme roller coaster ride!

Treat yourself or buy one for your family and friends. Something a little different, suitable for everyone.

Up to 2 family members or friends may accompany you on a 4 seat trial flight, and experience it with you. they will sit in the rear seats behind you – just like in a car if you hire a 4 seat aircraft to share the experience!

We offer 4 types of the trial lesson. 

  • A 2 seat trial lesson is just the student and instructor, and is for one person. 

  • Our 4 seater trial lesson has the student in the front, but can also carry two passengers in the back to enjoy the ride. This can also be bought as a sight seeing flight.

  • The aerobatic trial flight is not for the faint hearted and offer thrill seeking ultimate rollercoaster experience in a Slingsby. 

  • The Extra 330LX trial lesson is for those wanting to experience the raw power and speed of the Extra 330LX aerobatic and display aircraft. 

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