Shropshire Aero Club is open 7 days a week.

The airfield is open to fly-in visitors, members and the public. Visiting aircraft should visit our Fly In page and call to arrange visiting. 

Strict covid-19 measures are in place, and it is mandatory to wear a facemask in the club house. 

Why are aeroplanes still flying in lockdown?

The guidance set out by the CAA and Department for Transport explains why you may still some aircraft flying.

You can read that here.

Noise At Sleap

Shropshire Aero Club Ltd. strives to operate in such a manner as to minimize any negative impacts on its neighbours as much as possible, commensurate with the need to conduct a viable commercial operation and with its remit as an Aero Club.


Noise impact is considered whenever operational or commercial decisions are taken. In addition, the Club operates a registration system for noise complaints and all complaints are considered at management meetings.

The Management has also ensured that the official published information for pilots specifically requests to avoid overflying Wem, Clive, Loppington, Noneley, Burlton, and Ruewood.

However, it should be noted that the conduct of any particular flight is solely under the authority of the commander of the aircraft, and the management of the Club has no authority to direct, control, restrict or otherwise interfere with the chosen lawful actions of the aircraft commander. It is also noteworthy that Section 79(6) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 specifically exempts aircraft noise from the general noise nuisance controls which exist under that legislation, and that Section 76 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 exempts an aircraft that was being flown in accordance with the regulations governing aircraft flight from prosecution for trespass or nuisance.

If you believe that a flight was conducted contrary to those regulations, then a complaint can be filed on-line with the Civil Aviation Authority who has the power to investigate (search for CAA Form FCS1520).