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Fly Into Sleap, EGCV.

Discover the reason Shropshire Aero Club is being called the friendliest & best flying club in the UK.

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Flying in to Sleap is easy and you will find a friendly welcome for all types of GA traffic, but please PPR.

Sleap Air/Ground Radio on 122.455 is normally manned 7 days a week.

We do get busy at weekends, so do keep a good lookout and follow our noise abatement procedures.

275ft AMSL - 18/36 775m×18m | 05/23 799m×43m 

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Flew in from Elvington for fuel and to take advantage of the late night opening and cheap fuel. At £1.59/ltr I’m visiting on a regular basis, as always this is a no hassle GA field with very friendly and understanding ATC.

—  Mark McElhinney, SkyDemon

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