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Fly Into Sleap, EGCV.

Discover the reason Shropshire Aero Club is being called the friendliest & best flying club in the UK.


Flying in to Sleap is easy and you will find a friendly welcome for all types of GA traffic, but please PPR.

Sleap Air/Ground Radio on 122.455 is normally manned 7 days a week.

We do get busy at weekends, so do keep a good lookout and follow our noise abatement procedures.

275ft AMSL - 18/36 775m×18m | 05/23 799m×43m 

  • Arrivals Procedure
    Obtain PPR by telephone or online with our helpful form. Sleap ATZ is inside the Shawbury MATZ. Inbound aircraft should contact Shawbury Zone 133.150. Obtain a service & MATZ penetration - they are very friendly and helpful and give an excellent traffic service ;) At weekends Shawbury Zone 133.150 not operational, but the ATZ is always active and gliding occurs. If joining from the north, north west or north east join via the Ellesmere Lake VRP, then direct Sleap. If joining from the south or south west join via the Montford Bridge Disused Airfield VRP, then direct Sleap. Fixed wing aircraft to join using a 2000 ft QFE overhead join into the appropriate circuit pattern when busy, if not straight in, crosswinds downwind may be used. 1000ft circuit fixed wing, 800ft gyro/slow moving circuit inside the fixed wing circuit. When aerobatics being conducted in the overhead (1500ft to 5000ft), aircraft should join directly into the circuit from the North, East & South.
  • Circuit Procedure
    Fixed Wing (1000ft) Civil fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and gliders should fly circuits to the east of the airfield Monday to Friday, Saturday to Sunday all circuits are Left Hand. Circuits should be inside the ATZ at all times, be aware of RAF Shawbury 4 miles to the SE, with heli entry/exit land from their ATZ 1nm south of Sleap ATZ at 500-1500ft, please avoid this lane. MOD helicopters use Sleap for training, they can operate on the deadside of the active runway up to 400ft and 75m from the active runway, including opposing directions. Gyros (800ft) 1. Radio – prefix all calls with Sleap Radio with the word ‘gyro’. 2. Circuit – fly the published gyro circuit, which is at 800 feet height and inside of the fixed wing circuit on all runways. 3. Runway occupancy on departure – do not enter the active runway until fully configured for flight bar pre-rotation. When the circuit is particularly busy, consider commencing pre- rotation whilst taxiing from the hold to the line-up position. 4. Lining up – it is preferable to line up to one side of the centre line, angled into wind, to ensure the gyro is more visible to landing traffic. 5. On departure, commence a 45 degree turn to crosswind not below 300 feet above the ground. This turn improves visibility to other circuit traffic and enables quicker entry to the gyro circuit. 6. On climb out, if faster traffic is close behind then consider increasing speed above normal best rate of climb speed to maintain separation. 7. If the circuit is busy, avoid the use of steep power-off approaches. 8. Runway occupancy after landing – use hover taxi as required to touch down close to the runway exit and vacate the runway as soon as possible. 9. Rotor spin down and brake to stop should ideally be completed once clear of the runway; if this is not possible due to wind or other factors then make a radio call advising that the runway remains occupied pending rotor stop. 10. Visiting pilots should make themselves familiar with the above recommended procedures and call the office to request a briefing from a gyro instructor if in doubt.
  • Departure Procedure
    Aircraft intending to depart into Shawbury MATZ are advised to climb to 2400ft QNH or above within 2nm radius of Sleap before entering the MATZ. Aircraft can also climb out to the west (Class G) before tuning and entering MATZ (plus the pretty welsh hills are that way!) Be aware of the Shawbury entry/exit lane 1nm south of the Sleap ATZ between 500ft to 1500ft. Departing aicraft should call Shawbury Zone 133.150.
  • Helicopter Procedures
    Arrivals: Helicopters are welcome at Sleap. JET A1 and Avgas are available (inc RRR.) For helicopter handling, and more info visit here. Either: Fly on-track into Sleap, at ATZ boundary give radio call with direction coming from and DO NOT cross active until safe to do so. Keep in mind MOD training flights occur within the dead side of the ATZ, and there is model flying both up to 400ft. Join the fixed wing circuit and making an approach to the active runway. This could be overhead, downwind or finals appropriate given helicopter arrival direction and circuit traffic. Parking: Heli East (1, 2 & 3) helipads are on the eastern edge of the disused runway, 30mx40m wide and may be used for training, parking, rotors running refuels and passenger unload. Taxis, and transport to the tower can be arranged. Visit our heli page for more information, including 24hrs RRR. Heli West is for MOD use only. Parking for Jet-A1 and Avgas by the tower can be on the fuel bay, or to the grass on either side, there will be a marshaller. There is also a large grass apron in front of the tower, for parking. Keep clear of fixed wing and the fence line. Departures: Consider other aircraft during start and hover taxi. Transition should be performed in a safe area or from the runway. Departure should be NOT above 600 ft QFE until clear of ATZ unless departing in the fixed wing circuit. Notes: Helicopters requiring fuel shall liaise with the office/tower regarding parking and shut down location. Fuel hoses are 20m, (60 feet) long, there is no need to park close to the pump. Helicopters parking shall shut down with due consideration to downwash and tail rotor safety, clear of fixed wing aircraft. If arriving for fuel, a marshaller will be present.
  • Warnings
    Military helicopter training within the Sleap ATZ to the west of the active runway up to 400ft weekdays 0800-1730. Military helicopter training can take place outside of the airfield operating hours. Aircraft should be aware of military helicopter activity 2NM south of Sleap 1000 ft QFE adjacent to the ATZ, but not necessarily monitoring the Sleap A/G frequency. Glider flying using RH circuit in the evenings and weekends. Model aircraft up to 400 ft AGL western end of disused Rwy 28, evenings and weekends. Sleap Airfield is authorised by the CAA to carry out low level flying within the Sleap ATZ for the purpose of aerobatic and formation display practice. A/G will inform inbound traffic, and the aerodrome may be briefly closed ad-hoc, with inbound traffic considered. Gyrocopters & Helicopters operate within ATZ and fixed wing circuit. Maintain a good look-out and listen for GYRO or HELI prefix radio calls. Shawbury ATZ and Ternhill ATZ active 24/7. Tilstock Parachuting Drop-Zone 10nm North of aerodrome up to FL12 Noise Abatement: Adjust circuit to avoid over flying local villages and town, particularly Wem, Clive, Loppington, Noneley, Burlton and Ruewood. Aircraft, especially high-powered singles or twins, departing from Rwy 36 should make a 10° right turn after take-off to avoid Noneley if safe to do so.
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Flew in from Elvington for fuel and to take advantage of the late night opening and cheap fuel. At £1.59/ltr I’m visiting on a regular basis, as always this is a no hassle GA field with very friendly and understanding ATC.

—  Mark McElhinney, SkyDemon

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