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Learn to fly with us

Flying - obtaining your licence and becoming a pilot.


Maybe it's a lifetime ambition, perhaps a desire for a new challenge or to try out a leisure activity that is truly different and can open up new horizons.

We offer a variety of aircraft for flying training to suit your needs and budget - from both traditional and modern 2-seat trainers to full airways-equipped 4-seat tourers. High wing and low wing aircraft types are available for all options. Take a look at our Aircraft Fleet page for more details of our training aircraft.

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  • Climb into the pilot's seat and gain your CAA PPL with us!

    1 hr

    From £180
  • The more affordable and faster way to put yourself in the pilots seat.

    1 hr

    From £180
  • Have your first lesson to experience the joy of flight!

    45 min

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