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Extra 330 Trial Flight

Due to demand, you can purchase this over the phone only.


Take the front seat for a flight in the ultimate aerobatics machine, our 315hp Extra 330LX.

Weighing just 650kg, the Extra is one of the very best dual-control unlimited aerobatics aircraft,
stressed to +/- 8g and capable of any manoeuvre you are ever likely to want to do.

Your instructor is Nick Wakefield, former British Advanced Aerobatics Champion and display pilot.
You can discuss with him exactly what you want to do on your flight, including the chance to take
the controls.

Aerobatics are entirely optional, but highly recommended, and they can be as gentle or as extreme
as you wish! 

Minimum height is 5' and maximum 6' 4". However, these limits are a little flexible depending on
your build. Maximum weight is 105Kg. 


You can purchase this over the phone only and we will email you a voucher to print off within 24 hours. This will have a booking code that expires after 6 months.


Once you have the voucher (or gifted it) you can call us on 01939 232882 to book in your lesson. We are open 7 days a week and fly every day. Once you call us to book in, there is no expiry.  If the weather doesn't turn out as planned we will reschedule you to a different day. 


You do not need to bring anything to your lesson, just wear sensible clothing. We provide everything else. Please turn up 10 minutes before your time to complete the paperwork. There is a on-site cafe and viewing balcony for spectators.



  • You must be above 5ft and less than 6ft 4in
  • You must be older than 14
  • If younger than 18 you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to complete the paperwork.
  • You must weigh less than 105kgs
  • It is not advised if you are pregnant, suffer really bad motion sickness (take medication), have a heart condition, or nervous disposition.


Do eat normally on the day and go easy on any alcohol the night before.
•  We advise wearing clothing which covers arms and legs (cotton-based is ideal). We provide a
helmet/headset and, if wanted, gloves.
• Please do not fly unless you are fit and well on the day.
• Absolutely no loose articles (including cameras) to be carried on board (even in zipped
pockets). Remove any jewellery which might come off. Earrings can be uncomfortable under
the headset.
• All flights will be from the front seat.
• Flights are nominally 25 minutes chocks, 15 minutes minimum airborne (@ £270). You
can experience a lot of aerobatics in that time, but if you want more we can add on a 5 minute
airborne block at £50. This can either be agreed beforehand on the ground or in the air.
• Everyone is different, so each flight will be tailored to you, and we will do as little or as
much (within reason!) as you are comfortable with. If you haven’t flown aerobatics before it
is natural to feel a little apprehensive, but be assured that it is likely the aerobatics will be
much gentler than you might think and it is very unlikely you will be ill. And if there’s
anything you particularly want to do, or don’t want to do, then tell us!


Any questions please contact our helpful team 7 days a week.



Extra 330 Trial Flight

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