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Student Pilots 2020

Student numbers have reached an all time high, and we have new members joining for training throughout the whole year. Covid has put a major spanner in the works for PPL training, but as of the 2nd of December flight training is back on.

Winter may be firmly here but training does not stop, with Night Flying every Thursday. Speak to the office for more information about night and IR® ratings.

Congratulations to:

• Tom Motley who passed his Skills Test on 12th of February.

19 year old Tom now flies the PA-28s and works the radio at weekends.

• Rhys Chandler who went solo on the 27th of August.

Rhys is now rapidly finishing the PPL course, and is almost ready for Skills Test.

• Phillip Bailey who passed his Skills Test on the 2nd of August.

William Stockton who passed his Skills Test on the 12th of July.

Almost complete with IR® Rating, Will flies regularly with his 5 year old daughter and family.

Tom Beever who passed his Skills Test on the 29th August .

Tom now flies a Pioneer 300 and is looking forward to doing his aerobatic rating next year.

Steve Corbett who passed his Skills Test on the 24th August.

Steve flies the club fleet regularly, and has plans to fly around the UK airfields.

Chris Taylor who went solo on the 9th of October.

Ben Gilmore who passed his Skills Test on the 15th of October.

Ben is Operations Assistant on the airfield, and lives and breaths aviation.

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