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Record Day for Shropshire Aero Club

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The last day before lockdown, Wednesday the 4th was a busy old day at Sleap. Record number of movements made it the busiest day ever in history!

The club opened early at 7am, in time to refuel a KingAir with Jet-A1. From the first movement at 7:15am all the way until 00:01 that evening we had continuous, glorious flying.

“We go into lockdown at 00:01. We landed at 00:02!"

The circuit remained super busy all day, peaking with 4 on final and 6 downwind.

Aerobatics practice session from North West Aerobatics started at 13:00 in the overhead where people on the ground were treated to a exciting spectacle.

As the weather stayed on side, the lights flickered into life at 4pm and we had several aircraft doing night training right up until midnight.

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