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Progress on The Spirit Of Shropshire

The lockdown has brought most things to a halt but progress continues to be made by the Jet Provost Spirit of Shropshire team of volunteers. Admittedly, not as much as in the prelockdown period but progress nonetheless.

A number of jobs have been completed; including the cockpit canopy seal and replacing a missing inspection cover on the tail plane but the main impact of lockdown (both the Welsh and the English versions) has been on painting the aircraft.

Tremendous progress was made prior to 5th November but there are still some areas that require attention, mainly on the wings and this should proceed fairly quickly now. By the time of publication, the third engine run is scheduled to be completed. Over the coming weeks there are plans to provide better clothing for the volunteer ‘ground crew’.

This is intended to include protective headgear and coveralls in matching and branded colours and will provide a strong visual image, especially when fee-generating taxi runs commence. The possibility of launching a ‘Friends of ..’ initiative is being explored.

The idea is that, in return for a small monthly fee, ‘friends’ will be part of the project, be able to attend special events and possibly win a monthly raffle which could offer a taxi ride or other items.

A key aim at the start of the project was that it should have an educational dimension. A working jet aircraft is amazing resource for schools and colleges to access in terms of science and engineering knowledge while also encouraging a better gender balance in these subjects and aviation in general.

Once work on the aircraft is complete links will be explored with local schools and colleges as well as Air Training groups to develop some specific activities in this area. All SAC members are very welcome to drop into the hangar (observing social distance and safety rules) anytime it is open and see the progress for yourselves. David, Marjorie and the JP team.

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