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Events 2020 Review

A few events still managed to take place in 2020, despite the outbreak and the weather.

Most notable was the British Aerobatics Competition on the 12th of September, with three different tiers of aerobatics taking place in the overhead throughout the day.

Several aerobatic aircraft rained in on Sleap including Club Member James Seward who went on to fly a great Sports Known sequence but left out the 4 point roll at the end - whoops!

All the aerobatics pilots & the team at British aerobatics were absolutely superb and extremely friendly—they will be coming back in 2021.

The Ravens (with club member Mark Southern) also stopped by for a surprise practice display in the lunch break and did an excellent 10 minute display above the airfield.

There have been a few club member BBQ evenings, something which will certainly carry on in 2021.

Thanks again to Graham Boulger who donated free beer which made the evenings taste that much better! There are several events planned for 2021, with hopefully an event every month. These will be announced soon and the calendar will be visible on the website.

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